Wednesday, 5 August 2015

20 things BOOKWORMS do when they read books | The Bangzo BookWorm

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A bookworm will:
  1. Open up a book at about 30 degrees to reduce the risk of creasing the brand new spine- it was special edition after all.
  2. Ask too many questions out loud such as “Didn’t you see that coming?”, “What is wrong with you?”and "Why are you even in this book?"
  3.  Flick briefly to the back of the book to catch a sneak peek of the ending (and ruin the entire reading experience before it has even begun).
  4. Re-read key scenes over and over again because they succeeded at giving them ‘the feels’
  5. Mind map all the characters and plots because there are always too many to remember.
  6.  Exclaim every once in a while “Ha, I knew it!”
  7.  Sigh every time the story protagonist coincidentally to get themselves in trouble- it could have been avoided of course, if only they hadn’t taken that path away from the light.
  8. Wish that the guy would hurry up and get the girl.
  9. Wish that the girl would hurry up and stop being so precious and pretentious and get the guy.
  10.  Convince themselves that there is NOT someone creeping around in the house although the their book protagonist had just been attacked by a crazy home invader.
  11. Let out little snorts of laughter when they finally understand a joke… that happened about three chapters back.
  12. Panic when their theory proves incorrect, because that must mean that somewhere along the lines, their mind map went seriously wrong.
  13. Convince themselves that although they are already running late to leave the house in time for school/work/socialising/LIFE, in book time, they are still in the past, so an hour longer to finish the chapter won’t make much of a difference
  14. Call a friend in the middle of a late night read because the friend is a walking dictionary and will definitely know what that word means even though they could have just looked it up themselves
  15. Readjust their reading nook at least ten times 
  16.  Put off going to the toilet because the climax is just about to get started
  17. Put off going to eat or drink because the the climax is just about to get started 
  18.  Put off going to sleep because the climax is just about to get started
  19. Put off everything and anything  (including breathing) because the climax is just about to get started.
  20. Close the book at the final page, let out a dramatic sigh and hold a minute silence to digest the fact that they have finally finished - then pick up the next book in the pile and in an overly dramatic voice say “Chapter One”.
Do you do any of these bookish things when reading? Let me know!

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